Why Buy an Electric Car?

What are the Perks of EV Ownership?

Discover the remarkable benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) and why they are a smart choice for White Plains, NY drivers. Embrace the future of driving with electric cars and enjoy these advantages:

Lower Maintenance Costs: One of the key benefits of electric vehicles is their reduced maintenance needs. With fewer moving parts compared to traditional vehicles, EVs offer lower costs of ownership over their lifetime. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the service center and hello to more savings!

Advanced Technology: Electric vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Enjoy features like energy usage displays, ambient lighting, and other advanced tech that enhance your driving experience. Cruise through White Plains and visit local attractions like the White Plains Performing Arts Center or The Westchester with confidence and style.

Environmental Impact: Driving an EV means zero tailpipe emissions, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Your overall environmental impact depends on the energy profile provided by your utility company. Consider asking your utility about an all-renewables profile to maximize your positive impact on the environment while you explore the scenic trails at Saxon Woods Park.

Preparing Yourself for EV

Ready to make the switch to an electric vehicle? Here are some essential tips to prepare for your new EV lifestyle:

Is Your Garage Ready? If your garage is equipped with a 220V plug, you're all set for convenient at-home charging. Plugging your EV into a 220V outlet allows you to achieve a full charge overnight, ensuring your vehicle is ready for daily commutes or weekend adventures to local hotspots like Kensico Dam Plaza.

Local Charging Stations: Familiarize yourself with local charging stations around White Plains. Most public charging stations are level 2, similar to a 220V outlet in your garage. However, level 3 stations, which provide a rapid charge, can be found near popular destinations such as the Galleria at White Plains or the White Plains Public Library. These stations can give you over 50 miles of charge in about 10 minutes, perfect for a quick top-up while you shop or relax.

Your EV is Waiting at Subaru White Plains

Wondering why you should buy an electric vehicle? Visit Subaru White Plains to discover even more reasons! We proudly serve drivers from Scarsdale to Tarrytown, NY, offering an impressive selection of electric vehicles and other new cars. Our team is here to help you find the perfect EV to match your lifestyle. Contact us today to start your journey towards a greener future!